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Centre's Activities


The Centre recruits members in the categories of ordinary (individual or student members. Honorary and corporate members. Members are recruited purposely to actively be engaged in the Centre’s programmes at discounted rates, having access to the resource centre and quarterly newsletter publications and to participate in the annual get together or networking membership dinner


The centre continues to publish a quarterly newsletter and expects to publish biographies of the former Prime Minister Right Honourable, Kintu Musoke and the former Minister of Local Government, Hon Jaberi Bidandi Ssali. The publication of these biographies has been funded by Mr Mohan Kiwanuka of Oscar Industries

Seminars and Conferences

The Centre causes discussion of topical issues on leadership and governance under its quarterly seminars.  It also identifies competent key speakers and discussants depending on the subject matter to be discussed. The seminars have attracted the attention of Policymakers, Scholars, politicians and the general public.

Training Programmes

A key mandate of the Centre is training. Acquiring knowledge, changing attitudes and developing skills is best done through training and mentorship. This is a core activity of the Centre. The Centre’s focus is to develop leaders and improve the knowledge of existing leaders both in government and the private sector.

Conducting Research

Research is a core activity of the Centre and is being undertaken under the following are the Centre’s research themes: Uganda’s Leaders, Transformational Leadership, Servant Leadership, Corporate Governance, Women Leaders, Decentralization

Creating a Database of Leaders

The availability of information on the net has made access a click away, however, this information at times has no meaning unless if it serves a purpose. The world has had leaders who impacted on it but have not been brought to the limelight for the world to learn from.

Why Women Are Needed In Governance Positions by Regis Namuddu, Director, MUBS Leadership Centre

Upcoming Activities

Unlocking Your Leadership Potential

You and/or others in management roles at your company may have leadership attributes, but what you really need are managers with leadership SKILLS. There is a huge, painful difference and it costs organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars annually per untrained leader.

Too often people are promoted into management positions primarily because they are top performers who demonstrate responsibility to achieve results. The problem is they are never systematically developed into a leader, just appointed to be one. Achieving results as an individual is very different from accomplishing significant, consistent results through others.

Your leaders are the role models for your organizational culture, catalysts for employee engagement, and the one reason employees stay with your firm. It will take place between May 16th- 17th, 2019 at a fee of Ug Shs 620,000/= per person at Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala. read more

The 9Th Annual International Leadership Conference (AILC)