Conducting Research

Research is a core activity of the Centre and is being undertaken under the following are the Centre’s research themes

  1. Uganda’s Leaders
  2. Transformational Leadership
  3. Servant Leadership
  4. Corporate Governance
  5. Women Leaders
  6. Decentralization

Carrying out research in the centre is a approached in two ways:

  1. The Centre invites research proposals from the public. This year three proposals were received and reviewed. One of the proposals under the theme “Leadership capacity in local government and its impact on service delivery in Uganda” was successful and awaits funding.
  2. The other is research conducted by the Centre using MUBS Researchers or those specifically contracted from outside. However Financial Resources have been a major source of delay in completing research works at the Centre and failure to get respondents as identified and scheduled

Report Ongoing research
Due to the above situation, the following research works are on a stand still

Researched Articles

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