Conducting training programmes

A key mandate of the Centre is training. Acquiring knowledge, changing attitudes and developing skills is best done through training and mentorship. This is a core activity of the Centre. The Centre’s focus is to develop leaders and improve the knowledge of existing leaders both in government and the private sector.

One of the target areas was local government and parliamentarians. Unfortunately, the Centre has been unable to attract resources to undertake this training. These institutions have also not prepared themselves for this kind of training. The Centre’s training activities did not meet this expectation in the course of the year. However, the Centre was able to conduct different programmes targeting different audiences.

The Annual Youth Conference
Among the key targets of the leadership centre is the young people, the centre focuses on developing young people to be able to participate in leadership but also to prepare them to take leadership in the coming years. A youth camp is held annually and in this season the 4th Annual Youth Camp was held successfully. The camp was organized in partnership with the Entrepreneurship Centre and was held between January 12–17, 2014. The camp has a series of activities including training, games, networking and entertainment. The youth are exposed to entrepreneurship and leadership knowledge and an attempt is made to develop their skills. Facilitators for this camp included Prof Waswa Balunywa, the Principal of MUBS who set the tone for the camp, Hon Miria Matembe, Prof Maggie Kigozi and the directors of the Leadership and Entrepreneurship Centre. Among the artists were Silver Kyagulanyi and Halima Namakula.

COMESA Secretariat Effective Leadership Training
The Centre secured a contact fromn the COMESA Secretariat to train its top management. The programme was held in Zambia and it involved a training needs analysis and empowering the COMESA top managers in improving their leadership and management abilities

Effective Board Management and Strategic Management
The Centre secured two training programmes from GIZ to train the National Water and Sewerage Corporation Board of Directors in Effective Board Management and strategic Management.

Barclays Bank Young Leaders Mentorship Progamme
The Centre secured a grant from Barclays bank to undertake the Barclays Bank Young Leaders Mentorship Programme. The programme involves identification of potential leaders from among university students, giving them a specific training in leadership to be followed by attachment to different organizations for internship. The young fellows are being prepared for careers in the corporate sector.

Set Africa Leadership Training
The Centre in conjunction with the Entrepreneurship Centre partnered with the International Youth Foundation, USAID, and MasterCard Foundation to develop social entrepreneurs in Africa. The Leadership Centre was particularly engaged to develop and conduct a training programme with a bias on leadership. A group of 23 social entrepreneurs from Anglo phone Africa were trained in that partnership.

The Centre continued to participate in the School wide Skills Development Programme (SKIDEP). SKIDEP is a programme by MUBS intended to differentiate the MUBS students by giving them skills in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and ICT. These skills prepare the students for careers in Business and in the employment world. The Centre is responsible for the programmes in leadership. Over 7000 MUBS students attended the different programmes over the year. The programme is now used as a stepping stone for business start up for those who put emphasis on entrepreneurship and for joining the political leadership in the country. This is one of the biggest activities that the Centre does in the course of the year

International Women’s Day
MUBS has a Women Forum and this is an activity undertaken by the Centre in partnership with the Entrepreneurship and Career Guidance Centre. The Centre marks the International Women’s Day as an activity to sensitize people about challenges faced by women in different aspects of life and to note the progress made by women with a focus on Uganda.

The following were the specific training programmes that were conducted:

Programme Organization Participants
Effective Leadership Training COMESA Secretariat 35
Effective Board Management National Water and Sewerage Corporation 25
Strategic Management National Water and Sewerage Corporation 9
Set Africa Leadership Training International Youth Foundation 23
Youth Camp Youths from different universities 110
International MUBS women’s day Participants from different organizations 100
Effective Leadership for middle level managers Participants from different organizations 20
Leadership in high school training Participants from different schools 20
MUBS Monthly Women forum MUBS Students 1,500
Skills Development Programme MUBS Students 7000
Total   8,842